Columbia 300 Delirum Shock

by Fillip Wilhelmsson on 18. February 2016

in Columbia 300

COL_Delirium_ShockFinish: 500 / 4000 Abralon
Layout: 50×4,3/8×70 
PAP: 5 over 3/8 up
Speed: 27 kmh
Revrate: 470 RPM
RG: 2.46
Diff: 0.043

Ball review:

Here we have a ball with a (RG) 2.46 and (Diff) 0.43 and this ball is solid ball.

I have test this ball on many kind of patterns from 37 feet tog 44 feet and I would like to say this is a overall ball. I can use on fresh/new oiled lane on 37 feet or on 44 feet.

It start to hook qutie early and with very much control. I have on this ball a layout there it will start to hook early and control.

I think this ball is very good on quite hard oil patterns. Because on hard oil patterns you need something what you know what the ball will do on the lane so don’t get som much splits.

I will have this ball all ways with me in the bag when i came to new bowlingallyes. It is good to have at list one ball in the bag what you know what I can get of it.


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