Columbia 300 Savage

by Jesper Agerbo on 27. November 2018

in Columbia 300

Surface finish: Box
Layout: 5 3/4 to PAP
PAP: 5 3/4 out 3/8 up
Speed: 26 km
Revrate: 370 rpm
RG: 2.49
Diff: 0.051

Ball review:

The Savage is a very versatile ball. It gives you plenty of hook and allows you to control it from front to back. It is one of the most versatile redline balls that columbia has produced.
I would use it on medium to heavy oil. I would use it to play both straight and even a little deeper as this ball gives you a lot of hook and continuation through the pins.

I would recommend this to bowlers that need that extra help when the lanes get a bit oily.


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