Columbia 300 Ransom Demand

by Thomas Larsen on 18. August 2011

in Columbia 300

Surface finish: Box
Layout: 5 1/4″, pin over, 45 degrees, small hole on midline
PAP: 4 3/8″ over and 1″ up
Speed: 18 mph
320 rpm
RG: 2.51
Diff: 0.056

Ball review:

The Ransom Demand has the Full Swing core combined with a Super Tilt 2.0 cover. This makes the Ranson Demand very strong with a strong, continous backend.

The Demand will definitely need some volume and a little lenght to get it down the lane, but it will perform very well when it gets it.
This is one of the balls I’m most excited about. It is very strong and will allow me to be aggressive and move left without having to change my game a lot. It handles oil really well and gives me a ball motion I know is going to read, but at the same time is going to come back on the backend.

This ball is going to be very good for players looking for a little extra. And it looks like the original Black Widow, which isn’t a bad thing either.

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