Ebonite Adrenaline Overload

by Jesper Agerbo on 23. March 2016

in Ebonite

EBO_Adrenaline_OverloadFinish: Box
Layout: 5 1/2 to PAP
PAP: 6 1/2 out 23/32 up
Speed: 26 kmh
Revrate: 370 RPM
RG: 2.50
Diff: 0.056

Ball review:

Compared to the Adreneline Shot this will go better through the front and and still keep a strong controllable back end.

This is a great ball to use on flatter and tougher patterns, because it does not use all its energy in the front it will give you more room down lane.

This is definitely the best of the strong symetrical balls I have seen from Ebonite in a long time.


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