Ebonite Game On

by Frederik Øhrgaard on 6. December 2010

in Ebonite

Surface finish: Box
PAP: 5½” out – 1/8″ up
Speed: 18 mph
Revrate: 320 rpm
RG: 2.51
Diff: 0.058

Hook power: 37.28

Ball review:

The Ebonite Game On is for me a relatively calm bowling ball. It doesn’t do anything that you do not want it to do, and that is what I like about the bowling ball. With a typical symmetric core in the mid-performance series, I drilled my ball with my favorite lay-out which I always use for the Hammer Vibe.

After testing and a lot of games in tournaments within Europe, it reminds me quite a lot of the Vibe series. Steady ball motion and relaxed backend does not normally mean a lot of pin carry, but in this case it does. The ball rolls nicely into the pin-deck which takes out all 10 – without any annoying 10-pin due to too much backend!

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