Ebonite Verdict

by Thomas Larsen on 22. August 2017

in Ebonite

Finish: Box
Layout: 60 x 5 1/4″ x 75
PAP: 4 3/4″ over and 1/2″ up
Speed: 2817 mph
Revrate: 340 RPM
RG: 2.48
Diff: 0.055

Ball review:

The Verdict is in!
The new high performace Verdict combines a new core and coverstock to one of the strongest balls from EBI ever. Verdict is a strong, continous ball. I really like the Warrior Elite and to me the Verdict is a stronger more continous Warrior Elite. This allows me a lot of options on heavy and long patterns.

The Verdict gives me an option for the really heavy patterns, but on medium patterns it is also a good option for moving left, because the continuation allows it to not loose hitting power in the pins.

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