Hammer Diesel

by Anneli Blomqvist on 16. November 2017

in Hammer Bowling

Finish: 1000
Layout: dual angle: 50x4x50 with weight hole
PAP: 5 7/8 ovar and 7/8 up
Speed: 17,5 mph
Revrate: 370 RPM
RG: 2.51
Diff: 0.046

Ball review:

My Diesel gives me a bit more length than my Rebel Solid. However, with the out-of-box surface, I thought they gave me too similar looks to carry both in a six-ball arsenal. Therefore I tried to polish the Diesel in order to create a bigger difference. The shiny Diesel still hooked quite early, and now it was too sensitive. Instead, I tried to go the other way around and added more surface than out-of-box and now I was able to use the diesel at times I would have used Rebel Solid. The Diesel is still not as early as Rebel Solid, but by surface adjustments, it can partially replace it and at the same time be a more versatile ball that I can use both for fresh and some transition. I prefer using the ball on medium patterns while playing the lanes straighter on fairly fresh.


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