Below here you can see a short presentation of our staffplayers/ball testers.

Michael Bai

I started bowling in 1985 and was hooked right away. I was a member of the Danish National Team from 1997 to 2003. I won the French Open in 2001 and have numerous top 10 finishes in international tournaments. I own and operate a pro shop and I’m also the coach for the Danish National Junior Girls Team.

I signed with Ebonite International in 2002 and I therefore have in depth knowledge of the products coming out of Hopkinsville. My main strength is understanding ball reaction and lane patterns.

Thomas Larsen

I have been on the Ebonite-staff since 2006 and a member of the Danish National Team since 2006.

I won the 2010 Catalonia Open (European Tour) in Barcelona and finished 3rd in the 2010 EBT Masters.

Won gold in All-Events at European Youth Championships 2005 and 2008

Jesper Agerbo

I’m a very open and honest person. I’m a good teamplayer, and have been part of the danish national team since 1999.

I have won 9 gold medals in danish championships, including 2 individual championships. 1 doubles bronze medal Nordic Championships, 1 doubles bronze medal European Championship, 1 trio bronze medal European Championship, 1 Silver World Championship Masters final, No. 5 World Championship All event, No. 8 World Championship Single. No. 6 World Ranking Masters. No 1 & No. 2. Swedish Ranking Finals.

Pascal Winterheimer

Cajsa Wegner

Britt Brøndsted

Fredrik Tjernes

Jamie McDermott

Anneli Blomqvist

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