micheal bai

Track Alias

by Carsten Hansen on 26. February 2018

in Track Bowling

Surface finish: 2000
Layout: 45*5*35
PAP: 4 1/2 out 3/4 up
Speed: 28 mph
Revrate: 480 rpm
RG: 2.49
Diff: 0.054

Ball review

Track have done something different with this core they have put in this ball.
You can drill it so it has a high asymmetric core or you can drill it so its symmetric.
I drilled my ball in between so its a medium strong int. diff.
Its a nice strong predictable dull ball with a nice strong read in oil and still got enough energy to have a little pop on the backend.
It reacted well to hand changes and surface changes

Hammer Phobia

by Michael Bai on 5. April 2017

in Hammer Bowling

Finish: Box
Layout: See pic
PAP: 5 1/8 straght over
Speed: 16 mph
Revrate: 350 RPM
RG: 2.49
Diff: 0.054

Ball review:

I drilled this one with a stronger than usual pin placement. I wanted a shiny ball with a more controlled motion. I added a big balance hole too. I got what I wanted a strong rolly motion with a controlled backend. With this layout I can keep the break point close to the pocket . With a weaker layout this one should be able to cover some boards down lane.

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