Track 919C

by Thomas Larsen on 18. August 2011

in Track Bowling

Surface finish: Box
Layout: 5″, pin in middle finger, 45 degrees
PAP: 4 3/8″ over and 1″ up
Speed: 18 mph
320 rpm
RG: 2.51
Diff: 0.056

Ball review:

The new 919c is a lot of hook wrapped in some nice colours. The 919c has the hook potential of a high performance ball, but is a little cleaner through the fronts.

The thing that makes the 919c stand out is the backend motion. It is not overly angular, but just seems to continue on it’s own. It goes through the pins a little different and will continue without having to be forced to it.

This ball is something I think will work on the longer patterns, because of the amount of oil and that you need to get left, but still have the ball continue.

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